Knowing How to Tender for Contracts Is Vital to Win Business Contracts

All major companies and government departments use tenders to attract the attention of suppliers because this process is not only very transparent but it also results in the best supplier winning the contract. As a company interested in bidding for tenders, meeting the qualification criterion is not always enough as different organizations especially federal departments pay special attention to the quality of your tender document.

More often than not deserving suppliers who possess the experience and expertise required to win a contract fail because they do not pay enough attention to the tender document, or they simply miss out on important details regarding the tender process. It must be realized that while awarding a contract against a tender, government departments scrutinize the presentation, concision and relevance of the bidder’s message.

Winning contracts by making effective tender bids has become a science and there are experts out there who specialize in understanding the tender process and in making the best bidding documents. There are several US-based companies that offer tendering services, having considerable experience in this domain. Tendering service companies request the bidding company’s credentials, their company history and the details of their services to draw out the perfect and most attractive bid that can win a contract.

On the other hand, many companies also follow the course of using experts to review and edit their bidding documents. In this case, the client gets to have more say in formulation of the company’s bid and the experts just do some tinkering here and there to improve the appeal of the message.

The DIY approach requires companies to rely on their internal staff to produce bids and tenders. When writing a tender bid it is important to use simple and understandable language, to give short and precise answers to asked questions and to adopt a concise approach. The most integral part of your message should be the description of the services or goods you have to offer, or in other words, to explain how you qualify to win a particular contract.

At the same time, skipping out on the pre-qualification stage is a common pitfall which any company bidding on a tender should look to avoid. Making appropriate and to-the-point answers to the pre-qualification questionnaire is of paramount importance to win a contract because most bidders get screened out at this stage. One also has to comply with certain rules and regulations when bidding for a government tender, in fact, different States in the US have regulations of their own. A basic requirement is to have your company registered with the Central Contractor Registry before your company becomes eligible to do business with the federal government.